Spring Reading List

Spring Reading List

Spring Reading List

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Spring is in the air and Hallmark Publishing has fresh finds for your Spring Reading List.

Fall in love with beautiful settings, unique characters and inspired storytelling by our talented authors. Meet the endearing characters and get lost in their stories of love, romance and friendship. Bring home the romance and celebrate springtime with a delightful book from Hallmark Publishing today!

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An Amish Flower Farm

by Mindy Steele

She grows flowers.
He raises bees for honey.
They help each other out,
because that’s what neighbors do…

"I could smell the flowers and taste the honey. An Amish Flower Farm was a sensory experience that kept me moving from page to page until "The End." Steele's poetic language grasps the reader's soul and pulls them right into the story. I am dying for a glass of that lavender lemonade!" - Gera (Amazon Review)

"Any book about the Amish is something I love. Mindy Steele has created characters so true to the Amish, in Belinda and Adam, that I was hard pressed to read it in sections per our book club. Adam and Belinda believe in the Amish tenet of community and helping others. This belief guides their very existence and leads them to a glorious ending. This book is wonderful!" - Susan (Amazon Review)

Lines We Love:

“He was the worst neighbor, using her good heart to get what he wanted…But he needed this help too much to walk away.”

“How could someone afraid of so much be so fearless?”

“‘What maedel wants a bee farmer?’ He shrugged.”

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A Waterfront Wedding

by Leigh Duncan (Book 3 of 3)

It's the wedding of the year...
But who will get to host it?

"This is an amazingly sweet and exciting book. There is a hint of mystery while you try to figure out what the couple will pick for wedding in a week. I would recommend this to anyone who loves a good romance and weddings. "-Shelly (Amazon Review)

"If you like stories about second chances, both in a love relationship and in a family relationship, this is the book for you. As for me... I'm hoping there is another book in this series in the future. Oh! And be sure to check out the recipe at the end of the story!!" - The Novel Lady (Amazon review)

Lines We Love:

“Was this the year the Captain’s Cottage lost out to another competitor?”

“Their story had all the hallmarks of a true Heart’s Landing love for the ages.”

“Same old Evelyn. Competition was part of her nature.”

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Rescuing Harmony Ranch

by Jennie Marts

A bearded blacksmith
and a marketing exec
join forces…and sparks fly.

"This book had everything necessary for a great read! A good plot, believable characters, drama, romance and a happy ending. What more could you ask for?" -Millie (Amazon review)

"Harmony Ranch could be a character on its own. As a historical reenactment location, it lives in the past – before electricity and running water. Jennie Marts has a great way with setting a scene, I wish I could go to the pond, or have a picnic in the yard there. The characters surrounding her were larger than life and had some personalities that jumped off the page, but while they were incredible and memorable, they never outshone our couple. They do make me want to go back to visit and see what the town is up to though." - No Genre Left Behind (Amazon review)

Lines We Love:

“…Harmony Creek. The place she’d had her heart broken.”

“Stepping into his arms felt like coming home again.”

“I would do anything for you.”

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In Other Words, Love

by Shirley Jump

She’s been hired to ghostwrite a CEO’s autobiography…
Yep, that CEO. The one who broke her heart.

"Shirley Jump has done it again! This sweet romance literally made me cry in spots it was so good. Readers of her other books will recognize Shirley‘s talent and her ability to tell captivating, fresh stories every time. Brava!" -Drēma (Amazon Review)

"I adored watching this couple baby step their way in getting to know each other through fresh eyes. Everyone deserves a chance to make their mistakes right. A true relationship is when two people who are not perfect refuse to give up on each other. A beautiful touching romance on giving a second chance to love again." - Linda (Amazon Review)

Lines We Love:
“Trent MacMillan. Of all the people in the world she could end up working for, how had she ended up with the man who’d broke her heart?”

“Okay, so maybe she was impressed by the Vette, and maybe this whole thing was a little more than just business to him too.”

“You are brilliant,” he said again, softer this time, “and breathtaking and captivating.” He shifted closer, so close his lips nearly brushed hers, and Kate’s breath caught just as Trent leaned in.

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Sweet Tea

by Piper Huguley

Southern traditions, family recipes, history, and hope come together in author Piper Huguley’s heartfelt romance from Hallmark Publishing.

Rich in culinary details and layered with Southern family traditions, Sweet Tea is a fantastic read and a great addition to the Hallmark fold. As I read the story I saw it playing in my mind as a television movie. A heartwarming romance that is as refreshing as a tall glass of Iced Tea.” - Sandra (Amazon Review)

"This Hallmark book had snarky banter, thought provoking conversations, and words of acceptance. It felt realistic and reminded me of how family oriented southern people are. These characters finally got a place of peace and happiness. I love the title because Sweet Tea is satisfying and this southern romance was that.” - Ezinwanyi (Amazon Review)

Lines We Love:

"Milford. The town no one ever really leaves."

"His thumb stroked along the edge of her hand, causing the most unsettling feelings to rise in her stomach."

"Jack’s juicy lips reached out and took the praline from her, his lips touching the tips of her fingers."

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Wedding In The Pines

by Cassidy Carter

Once, they were in love with music—and each other.Life took them in very different directions…But a wedding in the pines brings them together.

"If you love a good Hallmark story, this could be the book for you. I always love a second chance romance. It is so satisfying to see them get their happily-ever-after despite the passing of time. I liked both the main and secondary characters and the setting sounds gorgeous. I want to go there. The book makes for a cozy, clean read with a satisfying love story ending." - Ria (Amazon Review)

"Return to the Cabin in the Pines resort for the wedding of the year. Hope and Slater find their own HEA even as they make sure the wedding goes off without a hitch. A perfect Hallmark second chance romance." - Blonde Betty (Amazon Review)

Lines We Love:

“Time froze when her eyes finally met his.”

“His wide, rust-and-emerald eyes locked on hers just a second longer than was casual.”

“How do you live every day ignoring what your heart wants?”

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Country Hearts

by Cindi Madsen

She shouldn't get involved with the cowboy next door...

"This is a beautifully written book that I would recommend to everyone who loves a nice cozy romance. There is adventure, humor, love, and finding your way in this book. Anyone who wants to read a feel good book that is a page turner then this book is for you." - Shelly (Amazon Review)

"In this delightful story, Cindi Madsen portrays a modern tale of what comes next after your earlier plans fall apart. With heart and humor, Ms. Madsen shines love and hope on a dismal future. With rich characters and critters, this story made me smile and brought tears to my eyes. I did enjoy this book and I do recommend it!" - JAR (Amazon Review)

Lines We Love:

Jemma threw her arms around his waist, embracing him tightly. She’d wanted to hug him all night. He was solid and warm and smelled amazing and…

Not hugging her back.

Still, he didn’t want to run from her, because he was getting confused on the lines between neighborly and friendship and…more. So he gave her shoulder a quick squeeze. “I’ll talk to you later.”

“Later,” she said in a soft voice that made him want later to be right now.

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