Love Under the Apple Blossoms

Love Under the Apple Blossoms

She’s new in town.
He’s leaving before long.
But their hearts are getting carried away…
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Joanna Lin is making a fresh start, and she’s landed the art teacher job of her dreams. There’s just one problem: it turns out to be at a language immersion school where everyone speaks Mandarin Chinese. She doesn’t know a word of it, and she needs to learn—fast.

Jack Sun, the handsome Mandarin teacher, offers to tutor her in exchange for art lessons. Under the guise of learning, they enjoy the scenic shores of Lake Michigan and even volunteer together for the Dragon Boat Festival. Although they tell themselves they’re only coworkers—okay, friends—a spring romance is blossoming between them.

But Joanna’s last relationship ended in heartbreak, and Jack has promised to return to Taiwan after the end of the semester to manage his family’s business. Will duty and tradition nip a romance in the bud…and will this shared season become no more than a wistful memory?

About The Author
About Kristi Hong
Born to immigrants from Taiwan, Kristi Hong grew up in Michigan, and while she’s lived in many different places, she’s a Midwestern girl at heart. After a career on Wall Street, Kristi fulfilled her middle school dreams by becoming a published author, with a goal of writing books featuring diverse characters, particularly Asian-Americans. Kristi worked at a florist as a teenager and has loved all things floral-related ever since. When not writing, Kristi can be found reading a book, taking a long afternoon nap, or munching on a pan-fried dumpling.

Love Under the Apple Blossoms is her first romance novel.