Love by Chance

Love by Chance

She thinks meeting him must’ve been fate.
It wasn’t.
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Claire, a pastry chef struggling to make her restaurant succeed, is too busy to pursue romance. That doesn’t stop her loving but meddling mother, Helen, from setting her up on dates. Even after Helen promises to stop her matchmaking efforts, she can’t help herself. She convinces Eric, a pediatrician, to meet Claire at a gallery event.

Eric and Claire feel an immediate connection, and their meeting becomes a magical first date. But the longer Eric and Claire see each other, the less comfortable Eric feels about hiding the fact that Claire’s mom set them up. Meanwhile, Claire loves to talk about how she trusts Eric, and how they met by chance. How will she react to the truth?
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In In Love By Chance, these tarts are a specialty at Claire’s bakery. After she meets a handsome doctor named Eric at an art gallery fundraiser, they start dating... and he sends more customers her way. Claire and Eric just click, and she feels so lucky that they happened to meet. It must’ve been fate...or was it?
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About The Author
About Kacy Cross
“I write romance novels starring swoon-worthy heroes that you can share with your daughter, the ladies at church, and your grandmother. I live in Texas, where I’m raising two mini-ninjas alongside the love of my life who cooks while I write, which is my definition of a true hero.

Come for the romance, stay for the happily ever after. My books will make you laugh, cry and swoon–cross my heart.”