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Like Cats & Dogs

He’s a straitlaced cat owner.
She’s a free-spirited dog owner.
And for now, they’re stuck with each other.

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Laura is drifting through life.

Spencer has the next decade perfectly planned.

Laura loves her dog Frank.

Spencer pampers his cat Mozart.

Both humans have nothing in common, but when there's a mix-up with a vacation rental house, they're suddenly stuck together.

At first, they fight like cats and dogs. Yet they can't deny that opposites definitely attract. Can they find a way to share a roof without driving each other crazy...or falling in love?

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In Like Cats & Dogs, when Laura goes grocery shopping with health-food-obsessed Spencer, she can hardly believe that he’s never had s’mores. Later, when she persuades him to try one, he has to admit it’s pretty good. So is this recipe for S’mores French Toast, made with buttery-crisp griddled brioche, toasted marshmallows, melty dark chocolate, and graham cracker crumbs, served with fresh berries.

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About The Author
About Alexis Stanton
Alexis Stanton is the pen name for a award-winning romance author who lives in Central California with her husband, a fellow romance author, and their two cats. She enjoys spending too much time on the internet, baking, and listening to music from the '80s.