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Journey Back to Christmas

In the 1940s, and in modern times…

The true meaning of Christmas never changes.
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WWII is finally over, but Hanna’s husband, Chet, didn't return home. She puts on a brave smile during the day while nursing her hospital patients, but at night, she grieves the loss of her love.

Then the Christmas Comet appears for the first time in over seventy years, and Hanna's caught in a snowstorm and knocked unconscious. She wakes up in modern times, and much to her confusion, her small town has changed. A local cop takes pity on her and invites her to stay with his family over the holiday.

As she searches for her place in this familiar yet different town, Hanna discovers that even small acts of kindness impact lives…and that the true meaning of Christmas is timeless. Now, she hopes to find her way back to her own time…and this year's comet may lead her to a Christmas miracle.

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In Journey Back to Christmas, the comet only comes around once every seventy-one years, but you can make this cupcake and cookie combo any time. The recipe takes the old-fashioned tradition of gingerbread and gives it a modern twist. Like a comet, this dessert is a spectacular sight, and it tastes just as good as it looks.

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About The Author
About Leigh Duncan
Leigh Duncan, an Amazon bestselling author and a National Readers’ Choice Award winner, has written over two dozen novels, novellas and short stories, including A Simple Wedding, A Cottage Wedding, Journey Back to Christmas, A Country Wedding, and her own Orange Blossom series. Leigh lives on Central Florida's East Coast where she writes complex, heartwarming, and emotional stories with a dash of Southern sass. Leigh loves to stay in touch with readers through social media.

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