In Other Words, Love

In Other Words, Love

She’s been hired to ghostwrite a CEO’s autobiography…
Yep, that CEO. The one who broke her heart.
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When Kate’s agent gets her the job of writing Trent’s autobiography, she almost balks. The charismatic founder of his own outdoor clothing company dumped her when they were in college. But she needs the money.

Trent’s been so busy lately, he completely forgot he was supposed to be writing a book, and the draft is due soon. He wants Kate as the ghostwriter: she’s experienced, and she was always smart and hard-working. They can keep things professional, right?

In funny and touching ways, the project gives them a fresh perspective on the past, even prompting a road trip to Trent’s hometown that uncovers forgotten feelings. But will they both have the courage to start a new chapter in life?
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Kate, the heroine of In Other Words, Love, has to work long hours to finish ghostwriting Trent’s memoir. To show his appreciation and support, he promises to bring her unlimited takeout from their favorite restaurant, Chick and Cheese. She especially loves their Guacamole Grilled Chicken Club sandwich. Our version is perfect for a busy day. Make it for yourself, or someone you love!

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About The Author
About Shirley Jump
When she's not writing books, New York Times and USA Today bestselling author Shirley Jump competes in triathlons, mostly because all that training lets her justify mid-day naps and a second slice of chocolate cake. She's published more than sixty books in twenty-four languages, although she's too geographically challenged to find any of those countries on a map.