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A Heavenly Christmas

Eve's learning how to be a
Christmas angel. It's not going well...
And falling in love is definitely not
part of the assignment.
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Eve is a workaholic. Yeah, it may be Christmastime, but she won’t let that distract her from making partner at her financial firm. Even if that means her family and her personal life get pushed to the side…again.

Then Eve slips on a patch of icy sidewalk, hits her head, and wakes up in Heaven. She finds herself in training as a Christmas angel. Ironic, since she hasn't cared about the holiday in years.

Still, Eve sets out to do the best she can at her new job. With the guidance of her angel mentor, she'll answer a little girl's prayer for her uncle Max to find happiness again.

The assignment turns out to be far more complicated than she expected. What’s more, Eve finds herself falling for Max—hard. Only the true meaning of Christmas and family can help Eve find hope for Max…and for herself.
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In A Heavenly Christmas, Eve learns that angels can eat as much as they want without gaining weight, so at Max’s diner, she orders two kinds of pie and a slice of angel food cake. This recipe makes an angel food cake that’s light, fluffy, and well, heavenly.

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About Rhonda Merwarth
Rhonda Merwarth, an award-winning editor and former college English instructor, has published several novels in young adult, new adult, and adult romance.