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A Dash of Love

In cooking and in love,
sometimes you have to improvise…

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When Nikki lands an assistant job at her idol’s restaurant, she’s sure her next big break is around the corner. After a rocky start, she befriends Paul, the handsome executive chef. Although he graduated from culinary school, and Nikki’s a self-taught cook, the two begin bonding in the kitchen.

But Nikki’s new boss, Holly Hanson, turns out to be anything but admirable. She'll stoop to anything to save her restaurant, and Nikki and Paul both pay the price.

Can they win against the scheming of a celebrity chef? Maybe, with some creative thinking...and a dash of love.

Featured Recipe
At the beginning of Dash of Love, Nikki flavors her delicious chili with a secret ingredient: cinnamon candies. These really do add the perfect touch of spice and sweetness to a recipe you’ll make again and again.

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About Liz Isaacson
USA Today bestselling author Liz Isaacson writes clean and inspirational romances, and has multiple #1 bestsellers in half a dozen categories.