A Country Wedding

When a country music star returns to his small
town, he realizes all that he’s left behind…
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Country music star Bradley Suttons is all set to marry his Hollywood actress girlfriend. He’s forgotten he’s already married.

Well, it wasn’t legally binding. When he was just a kid, he and one of his best friends, Sarah Standor, held a makeshift wedding ceremony in his barn.

Bradley crosses paths with Sarah when he returns to the small town…and he finally feels inspired to write songs again. Sarah runs a ranch for rescue horses, but she also helps Bradley with preparations for a quiet country wedding. As the big day approaches, though, he’s beginning to reevaluate his life and his opinion of true love.
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In A Country Wedding, Bradley and Sarah stop at the Milltown Family Diner for lunch. “We will have two Bradley Sutton Sandwiches,” says Sarah. This hearty grilled steak sandwich with white cheddar, onions, and horseradish mayo would be a hit on any menu.

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About The Author
About Leigh Duncan
Leigh Duncan, an Amazon bestselling author and a National Readers’ Choice Award winner, has written over two dozen novels, novellas and short stories, including A Simple Wedding, A Cottage Wedding, Journey Back to Christmas, A Country Wedding, and her own Orange Blossom series. Leigh lives on Central Florida's East Coast where she writes complex, heartwarming, and emotional stories with a dash of Southern sass. Leigh loves to stay in touch with readers through social media.

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