Jacklyn Collier

Jacklyn Collier


Jacklyn Collier, otherwise known as “Jacks”, has loved Hallmark movies ever since she was a little girl obsessed with books and theatre living on Grape Street in Mount Carmel, Pennsylvania – or in her words, “a place Hallmark dreams are made of.” She moved to NYC to pursue her big city dreams of becoming an actress and met Shawlini Manjunath-Holbrook, or “Shawl”. Instantly bonding over their mutual passion for everything Hallmark, the duo decided to create a podcast. Their program quickly became the most popular Hallmark movie review podcast on the market, featuring fan-favorite Hallmark talent guests, as well as screenwriters, producers, set designers, and more. Aside from her love of Hallmark movies, Jacks also loves to play games, and created a small personalized board game company with her sister called Bundle. Jacks is thrilled to be “seshing” about Hallmark’s slate of original content with Shawl and to officially be a part of the Hallmark family.

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