At Martha’s office she frantically tries to reach Michael. After a long day at work, Martha still had to stop at Grey House to give George his keys. While there, George insisted on talking to her about a pot hole that nearly blew out his tire. By the time she arrived home, Michael had already left for the night. Now, Michael saunters into her office and tells her he left to go blow off some steam. Martha is just relieved to see him and goes to give him a hug. But as she approaches him, she notices that Michael is wearing brand new sneakers. He tells her he didn’t have any cash so decided to use her credit card…he hopes it’s ok. He then tells her that dad told him she had changed her mind and was giving him the money to start his business. But now, staring at the sneakers she just bought, Martha’s decided that it’s time for Michael to stand on his own two feet. She tells him that she’s not giving him the money. She then puts out her hand for Michael to hand over his credit cards. Martha then extends her arms and gives her son a loving hug.

Later in the day, Stephanie stops by the worksite to see Ben. Earlier, Abigail called Stephanie to come pick up a bouquet of flowers Ben had bought for her. When she thanks him for the flowers, Ben gives her a confused look because, despite what Abigail said, Ben didn’t send Stephanie flowers. Embarrassed, Stephanie apologizes and hurriedly goes to walks away. Ben calls out to her. She turns, and sighs as she tells him that she was never embarrassed by who he is or what he does but she is embarrassed by her behavior. She still thinks they belong together or, at the least, deserve the chance to see if they can make it work. Ben still looks unsure so Stephanie turns to walk away. As she does Ben calls to her again and when she turns around, she finds Ben standing behind her. He puts his arms around her, pulls her close as he leans forward and kisses her. Together again, Stephanie asks Ben to remind her to thank Abigail for making a mistake with the flowers.

At Grey House, Alexis walks in having finally finished making the vases for Abigail. Cassie offers her an ointment for the many cuts and scrapes Alexis earned during her first time working. Although she’s sure she’s paid off her debts to Abigail, Alexis knows she still owes a big debt to Cassie. But Cassie is content knowing that Alexis took a chance and learned that she was capable of working. With her debts now paid, Alexis reveals to Cassie that she and her brother talked to their father and they’ve all agreed that when Alexis returns home, she’ll be looking for a real job and begin standing on her own two feet.