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Jack Turner


Since moving to LA in 2012 Turner has worked in TV, film and commercials.

His first movie was “The 10 Year Plan,” in which he played love-sick romantic Myles. He has been in several Hallmark movies, and he appeared on “Stitchers” (Freeform) for two seasons as the mysterious bad guy Liam Granger. In 2017, Turner played J.R.R Tolkien on "DC’s Legends of Tomorrow," the first time the writer has been played on TV.
This year, Turner will next be seen in the Sony feature "Red Devil," releasing in the UK theaters before wider distribution.

Turner is a musician with over 10 years of experience on keyboards and guitar. He played music in Hallmark Channel’s "Forever in My Heart” and created the soundtrack for "Steam Room Stories: The Movie!” - both released in in 2019.

Follow him on Instagram @jaxonturner.

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