Fir Crazy

Eric Johnson

Darren Foster

Eric Johnson has been appearing on both the big and small screen for over 20 years. He is most familiar to audiences for his troles in ABC's "Rookie Blue," CW's "Smallville," and the Syfy series "Flash Gordon" as Flash himself. Having worked on over 50 productions, Johnson has been in such projects as "Criminal Minds," "Supernatural," "The Unit," "Orphan Black," and "Alcatraz," along with dozens of films and TV movies. 

His latest venture has him starring as Sam Fisher in the hit Tom Clancy video game "Splinter Cell: Blacklist," which launched summer of 2013. 

At the age of nine, to further his desire to be the center of attention, Johnson enrolled in theater school, a far more appropriate venture for his little performances than the hockey arena or dinner table. Johnson's passion for an audience was undeniable and he soon began performing in professional theater, as well as laning film and television roles. It was after appearing in the epic Western drama "Legends of the Fall" that he realized film and television was the best way to act out his imagination without people looking at him funny. 

Johnson was born and raised in Edmonton, Alberta Canada.

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