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This holiday season, we are finding ways to share more merry. From surprising a neighbor with a sweet treat left on their doorstep to cozying up to your love ones as you watch a Hallmark Channel Christmas movie. Discover five ways to share more merry in your life. Share with us your tips by using the hashtag, #ShareMoreMerry.

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Fun Activities for Kids
Find new ways to bring Joy to your family at home. Maria Provenzano of Home and Family has a great activity you can do with your kids, a Handprint Wreath.


  • Paper plates
  • Paper
  • Scissors
  • X-Acto knife; optional
  • Glue or hot glue gun
  • Additional details like pom-poms, etc.
  • Pencil


  • Use either the scissors or the X-Acto knife to cut the center circle out of the paper plate
  • If you used scissors to cut through the paper plate you can reattach it together using a hot glue gun
  • Create your handprints by tracing the hands and cutting them out
  • Repeat until you have enough to go around the wreath
  • Attach the handprints to the paper plate that’s been cut in the center

TIP: Do alternating colors for the handprints to create dimension

  • Once the paper plate has been covered with the paper handprints then add any additional details you like such as pom-poms, etc.
  • Hang the wreath with mounting tape or any way you like depending on where you want to put it in your house
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Bake Delicious Treats
Spend an afternoon with your loved ones and create some delicious treats, share them with neighbors and friends by leaving them on their doorstep. Get your family together in the kitchen and try this fun recipe for Reindeer Cookies!


  • Peanut Shaped Cookies
  • Chocolate Coated Candies
  • Pretzels
  • Chocolate or White Frosting

1. Use frosting to attach chocolate coated candy eyes and nose.

2. Attach the pretzel on top using frosting.


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Send a Card
Surprise a friend or relative you may not see with a handwritten letter in the mail. Share ways you have been merry and bright this holiday season with them!

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Cozy up and Watch Hallmark Channel
Get out your Hallmark Channel merchandise, pop some popcorn and relax in with your loved ones to watch one our brand new Christmas movies, this holiday season.

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Very Merry Giveaway
We’re giving you a way to share more merry this year with Hallmark Channel’s Very Merry Giveaway now thru December 27. Enter daily to win that day’s prize. Each winner will then be able to share the same gift with someone else in an effort to share the merry! In addition, you could win $10,000 for you and $10,000 to share with a friend or someone in need.

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