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Photos from Christmas List - 5

Gabriel Hogan


Gabriel Hogan has been acting for over two decades and is one of Canada’s leading performers. Hogan is incredibly versatile and you have seen him starring in both comedic and dramatic programming. He has been a series regular on television shows such as CBC’s hit series “Heartland” which has been on the air for 10 seasons. Hogan was also a lead in Global Television’s “King,” the comedy series “Rent-A-Goalie,” and “Traders” with recurring roles in shows such as “Warehouse 13” for Syfy, “The Border” for CBC and “The Best Years” for The N. He had a wonderful supporting role in the History Channel mini-series “The Kennedy’s” and most recently has been starring in a series of Hallmark movies based on “The Murder She Baked” book series. Other Guest star credits include “Lady Dynamite,” “Teen Wolf” and “NCIS.”

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