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Andrew Cooper

Andrew Cooper

Known for his appearance in the Hallmark Channel Original Movie “Royal Hearts,” opposite James Brolin and Cindy Busby, Andrew Cooper has a number of television series credits including “Damnation,” “The Royals” “Silent Witness,” “Citizen Kahn” and the mini-series “The Way.” In 2013, Cooper starred in an advertisement for Diet Coke, and he has appeared in advertisements for several well-known brands including Dunhill, Topman, Georgio Armani and Paul Smith.

Cooper and his wife Jane own a pet store called The Mutz Nutz, and together they work with local charities in rehoming unwanted animals. In 2016, he launched the cookbook Juice Manifesto, which features more than a hundred recipes for nutritious juices and smoothies.

The British actor and model lives with his wife and children, Taylor and Jackson, in Cheshire.
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