By Debbie Macomber

For the last thirty years Wayne and I have lived in Port Orchard, Washington, aka Cedar Cove. The town's economy is linked to the Navy shipyard across Sinclair Inlet. (No, it's not a cove and, sorry to disappoint anyone, but there isn't a lighthouse here either!). When writing the series it was a natural to include some aspect of Navy life, which is why I introduced Ian and Cecilia in the very first book and in the series pilot.

As a continuation from Episode 5, Justine isn't willing to give up on Luke but is hesitant to seek her mother's advice. We all love our mothers but there are times when it's necessary to keep them in the dark or, as in Justine's case, not tell the complete story. While Justine is working to solve Luke's problems, Ian steps forward. Men and women in the military stick together and Ian is the kind of friend (and husband) who doesn't walk away when the going gets rough. Walking away from difficult situations has been Eric's trademark and he's out to prove he has what it takes to stick it out. Warren Saget sees a young man he can mold into just the kind of person he's looking to have in his office. With their tenuous relationship at risk once again, Jack has to do what's hardest for any parent and that's step aside and allow Eric to make his own decisions and learn from his mistakes. He can only hope the consequences won't destroy Eric. This episode is especially gripping and I know you're going to enjoy the continuing story of Grace and the situation with her home and the unexpected solution that Cliff offers. Olivia stands with her and encourages her dear friend through this. She's equally supportive of her daughter as Justine struggles to know how best to help Luke. And again Olivia is there to help Jack deal with this prickly situation with Eric. These are real life situations but as a reader once wrote me, "Your stories are about real life, but real life at it's very best." That's one of the nicest compliments I've ever received. For more from Debbie, visit her website!