By Debbie Macomber

Starting over is never easy, and now our dear Grace has hit an additional glitch following her divorce. This falls into the “life isn't fair” category, which unfortunately is a situation none of us are likely to escape.

One of the comments I get most often from readers is that my books are true to life. That's because I write what I know and that's . . . life. And life is full of speed bumps, glitches and abrupt detours. In this episode Grace is struggling with the fact she might lose her home. Jack's son, Eric, who works for Moon, is facing his own challenge. At last he has a job and is determined to be a good father to baby Adele, but the cold truth is he isn't making enough money to be the parent he wants to be. And then there's Justine, lonely without Seth and eager to help Luke complete a difficult mission. Just when she thinks she's doing a good deed, the entire situation blows up, despite all her efforts. Jack works hard as a writer (I can identify with that!) and struggles now to write a fluff piece he would rather not write about a man he openly dislikes. My guess is you know which character that is. Warren, the man we all love to hate. I'm pleased that Hallmark has taken the ''real life” aspect of my stories and built the series upon that principle. It’s one of the reasons I feel the Cedar Cove series has proven to resonate with viewers the way it has. For more from Debbie, visit her website!