By Debbie Macomber

A few years after Wayne and I were married we visited his hometown of Colville, Washington. Colville is the county seat and when he was growing up Colville had the only stop light in the entire county. But I digress (this happens often with writers).

While in town Wayne happened to run into an old flame. Diane was his first love. They were engaged. Wayne went in the service and while he was away, she broke off the engagement and ripped his heart out. Advance forward fifteen years. Wayne is married with four small children and a wife who is a struggling author who has yet to sell a single word. Diane is married, too. Wayne and Diane meet. They decide that the four of us should have dinner together. So there I am with the woman my husband once loved and frankly, I was a nervous wreck. I can be witty and clever (okay, it generally takes a glass of wine or two) and I'm trying to think of something profound to say to this "other woman" that will tell her that she made a terrible mistake in ditching Wayne and I'm the lucky one. So what comes out of my mouth? What do I say? I looked her straight in the eye, pointed to my earring and boldly said. "These are real gold." Maybe I’d had just a tad bit more wine than I should have! For more from Debbie, visit her website!