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Teryl Rothery

Mary Jones

Actress Teryl Rothery always knew she wanted to be an entertainer.  Her first role came as a dancer in a production of Bye Bye Birdie at age thirteen, before she went on to land her first television appearance on CBC. A Vancouver, B.C. native, Rothery has worked in the industry for many years with great success. 

Rothery trained at the Larry Moss Studio in Los Angeles, and Gastown Actors’ Studio and The Shakespeare Centre, both in Vancouver. Her most memorable television role has been Dr. Janet Fraiser on the hit, Emmy®-nominated sci-fi series “Stargate SG-1” for seven seasons. 

Rothery received a 2003 Leo Award nomination for Best Supporting Lead in a Series for her portrayal of Fraiser, the medical officer for the Cheyenne Mountain Facility who faces many peculiar cases. She currently has recurring roles on the CW’s new series, “Hellcats,” and the Sci-Fi Channel drama, “Caprica.” Other television credits include roles on “Kyle XY,” “Dead Like Me,” “Jeremiah,” “The Dead Zone,” “DaVinci’s Inquest,” “The Guard,” “Smallville,” “Supernatural” and “Psych.” 

Rothery has also had lead and supporting roles in dozens of television movies, including a co¬starring role in “Totally Awesome,” a comedy for VH-1, “Behind the Camera: The Different Strokes Story,” “The Twelve Days of Christmas Eve,” “Sandlot 2,” “The Book of Ruth” and “Video Voyeur: The Susan Wilson Story.” Most recently, she’s had roles in the miniseries “Alice” for the SciFi Channel, “Babylon 5: The Lost Tales,” and “Fairly Odd Parents.” Her feature film credits include a supporting lead role in "Whisper" for Universal Pictures, “White Noise 2” and “Best in Show.” 

In recent years, Rothery has turned back to her roots on the stage to perform in theatre productions in her hometown of Vancouver, including Julius Caesar at the Jericho Arts Centre, Cymbeline and Merlin at the Carousel Theatre.

Teryl Rothery also stars on the Hallmark Channel Original Series "Cedar Cove."

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