A Warm Welcome for Your New Dog

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Your New Family Member is Here!
Bringing a dog home can be one of the most rewarding things you can do. Whether you’ve adopted before or it’s your first time, there can be challenges as you and your family welcome your dog. Get some simple tips to help ease your dog into their new home.

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Bring a Favorite Item to your Home
Gather supplies to make your new family member feel safe and comfy. Have a toy they love or a blanket they have slept with - this helps them feel at home in their new surroundings. If there aren’t any favorites to be had, introduce them! Additionally, a crate is a great option for a rescue pup. It gives them a safe space they can go to whenever they need, plus it gives you the peace of mind to leave home and know that your dog won’t get into mischief. Crate training takes time and patience, but can go a long way to comfort your pet during the adjustment period.

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Quality Time is Important
Plan time to welcome your new canine friend into their new home. It’s important to spend quality time together to help them get acclimated to their new surroundings. You may be nervous opening your home to your new four-legged friend, so imagine how they must feel! Some dogs experience separation anxiety after being rescued, so have patience in helping them decompress and learn their new routine.

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Keeping Your Dog Healthy
Once you bring your new dog home, it's important to make a trip to the veterinarian for a check-up and any necessary vaccinations (especially if you already have other pets at home). During the visit, your vet will check out your pup's teeth and may recommend a cleaning, since dental care is incredibly important to a dog's overall health. Some dogs hate to have their teeth brushed, so a great way to help promote their oral health and fresh breath between cleanings is to treat them with GREENIES™ Dental Treats. One treat a day is all it takes, and turns something that can seem like a chore into a fun moment for your new pet. Make sure to monitor your dog when he or she is chewing on the tasty snack, and keep fresh water handy as well.

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Get on A Schedule
As you welcome your new dog, try to get him or her on a regular schedule. Having a routine they can rely on helps as they adjust to their surroundings, as well as their new family. Set regular times to take them on walks, have playtime, visit the park, and eat. Daily bonding time will become something both you and your dog can look forward to!

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Welcome Your Dog
While it’s fun with just you and your new dog, welcome family and friends over to meet your new family member. Introduce your dog to other four-legged friends as well! Socialization is great for them and helps them feel at home.