A Ring by Spring

Kirby Morrow

Tom Halsey

Kirby Morrow's talents and expertise have made him one of the most well rounded artists in Canadian show biz. A highly diverse actor, award winning writer, and experienced director, Morrow is also known as one of the top voiceover professionals in North America. 

Morrow trained in theatre, studying in Paris, Dublin, and across Canada. He toured stand-up comedy stages around the world, where he first began honing his vocal skills.

Morrow has since voiced hundreds of characters in animation, film, television, and radio. His VO credits include such high profile characters as Michelangelo from "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles," Cyclops from "X-Men," and Goku from "Dragonball Z." 

On camera, Morrow has portrayed a wide range of roles from King Jerrod in Kevin Tancharoen's "Mortal Kombat" to Captain Dave Kleinman in "Stargate Atlantis." Most recently, Morrow played Russian astronaut Trofim in the SyFy pilot "High Moon," scheduled to air in early 2014. 

Morrow can also be seen playing integral roles in J.J. Abrams "Fringe," CW's "Supernatural" and "Arrow," Fox's "Human Target," and CTV/CBS' "The Bridge," amongst many others.

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