Words from the Heart

Later on, Cyrus confides in Abigail about his insecurities about his knee brace. She encourages him to believe in himself and watch what happens. He agrees.

Bill is approached by Ray, who tells him he is impressed with his extensive resume. Ray lets Bill know that the National Pacific Railroad wants him to head up security if the town agrees to their contract. Bill agrees to mull over the offer.

Rosemary takes it upon herself to revise the speech Jack will give when receiving his medal. Jack points out how long the speech is, but politely tells her he will consider her revised draft.

Finally, game day arrives! Jack and Elizabeth’s teams square off against each other, with Bill serving as umpire. When one of Elizabeth’s players sprains her wrist, Cyrus steps up to the plate and offers to go to bat. After two swings and two misses, Cyrus surprises the crowd and hits a home run! Due to how late the game is going, Bill calls it an even tie and both teams celebrate their victory.