Heart and Soul

At the Regency hotel, Charles, Elizabeth, Sir Lionel and Viola are enjoying an elegant dinner. The group shares stories from their childhoods, including a humorous story of a prank Charles and Julie played on Aunt Agatha. Viola tries to brandish her own reputation as a prankster, but the story of a prank she pulled on her governess falls flat. The love struck Sir Lionel laughs and jokingly asks if he should know any other mischievous stories from Viola’s past. She responds saying, “You’ll have a lifetime to find out.” Viola smiles before revealing to Elizabeth that she and Sir Lionel are engaged.

Back in Hope Valley the entire town is a flutter. DeWitt and Mary are about to be married and mayor Ramsey has announced his sudden retirement due to ‘ill health.’ The town bylaws stipulate that the president of the town council serves as interim mayor until the next election. As luck would have it, Henry Gowen is the president of the town council. Satisfied with the sacrifice of his pawn, Mayor Gowen remarks to Lee how much he’s looking forward to being mayor. Despite the scandal, the town is prepared to celebrate. Music begins and Mary walks down the aisle to joyful gasps from the audience. As Floyd begins the ceremony, a tall and rough looking stranger enters the saloon. When Floyd asks if anyone has an objection, the man offers one. The man identifies himself as the real pastor Hogan and calls Floyd out as an imposter. Pastor Hogan pushes Floyd out of the way and finishes marrying DeWitt and Mary. Floyd tries to make a quick escape, but is caught by Jack. But instead of sending Floyd to jail, he sends he and his daughter packing with the warning that he’ll be sending a poster with their faces to every town in 100 miles. Before departing, the two agree to leave town and mend their ways.

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