Tuesday December 25 8:00 PM / 7:00c

Coming Together, Coming Apart

In one of Hamilton’s seedy alleyways, three drunken ne'er-do-well’s sing and laugh. Among them is Tom Thornton, who earlier was supposed to board a train for his new job. When he didn’t arrive, Jack immediately began looking for him; and having now found him, is enraged. Jack tells Tom after their father died he made a promise to their mom that he would look after Tom. But now, after all they’ve been through, those days are over and Tom’s on his own. Tom snidely replies that he’s always been on his own and that Jack has no say in his life.

Later in the day, at Mountie Headquarters in Hamilton, a worried Elizabeth stands waiting for Jack. When he arrives Elizabeth tells him that Julie has gone missing. Earlier, she had stopped into Julie’s room to talk. When Julie didn’t answer the door, Elizabeth went inside and found clothes and a suitcase missing. She also reveals that Julie admitted she was driving the car when the accident happened. And while Elizabeth has no idea where Julie may have gone, she knows exactly who to ask.

At the train station, a departing train whistles out of the station as Julie nervously waits for Tom to arrive. With his belongings strapped over his shoulder, Tom rushes to her side. Relieved, Julie leads Tom to the waiting train, all the while doing her best to assuage his mounting concerns. Their risky plan to run off together hasn’t taken into account Tom’s inability to provide for them or Julie’s father possibly cutting off her trust fund. Julie assures Tom that as long as they have each other, everything else will work itself out.

As the two prepare to board the train Jack and Elizabeth hurriedly run to stop them. Surprised, Julie asks how Elizabeth knew where to find them. Elizabeth responds, “If you're going to run away, next time don't use the chauffeur to set it up.” Jack then asks Tom if they can talk, alone. Tom agrees and the brothers head off. As they do, Elizabeth chastises Julie for her selfish ways. Elizabeth demands that Julie start thinking of the man she claims to love and stop thinking of only herself.