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Tanya's DIY Photo Booth

Tanya's DIY Photo Booth
Materials for Photo Booth:
  • PVC parts 1" diameter
  • 4- 30"
  • 4- 48"
  • 4-72"
  • 8- three way elbow joints

Directions for photo booth:

1. Assemble pvc pieces to create a 6' high x 30" wide x 4' deep box. For a more stable and secure box lightly tap connections with a hammer or mallet.

2. Cut fabric panels to size needed. Allow an extra 6" to lengths and drape over pvc and secure with safety pins.

Directions for photo props:

1. Print out images on cardstock.

2. Cut out and glue a cooking skewer or dowel on as handle

Download the Foam Finger Image

Download the Football Helmet Image

Download the Mustache Accessory Image

Do It Yourself Photo Booth

Tanya Memme shows you how to spruce up any party with your very own photo booth.

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