Sun, Sand & Romance

Kate Mitchell (30s) is thrilled when her boyfriend Eric invites her to spend a week vacationing with his family. Sun, sand and resort romance -- and the chance to finally meet her potential in-laws? Sounds like the perfect getaway. But the trip starts off with a stumble and never really recovers. Eric's uppercrust parents are rude and opinionated – and seem to take an immediate dislike to Kate - even criticizing her dream of authoring children's books. Good luck making money at that! To make matters worse, they've invited Eric's close childhood friend Alex along. Alex is attractive, successful and… very female! It's clear his parents have an agenda in reuniting the two and they take every opportunity to wedge Kate out. Eric doesn't seem bothered by any of it, insisting Kate is being paranoid. The first couple days are uncomfortable to say the least. The only bright spot is when Kate runs into Shep, (Michael Sheppard) an old friend from her time as a camp counselor – now the activities coordinator at the resort. Shep is charming and full of life, but even his best efforts to lighten the mood fail miserably. Things really go sideways when Eric charters a private boat tour for the group. Kate is terrified of the water – how could he have forgotten?! But she takes the high road and insists they go without her. However, their three-hour excursion at sea turns into an overnighter when a sudden storm forces them to take shelter at a nearby island – leaving Kate all by her lonesome. Just perfect. Shep, refusing to let Kate spend a night in paradise feeling sorry for herself, takes her under his wing. He shows her a side of the resort most guests never get to see. Fresh lobster right from the kitchen, sunset from a hidden bluff, she even helps him judge the nightly talent show. And despite her best efforts not to, Kate finds herself having a blast. There's definitely a chemistry between the two and by the end of the night there's magic in the air. Just… not with the guy she expected… In the days to follow, the trip continues it's downward spiral. And as Kate finds herself drawn more and more to Shep's positive, fun-loving attitude, things between her and Eric grow strained – and when certain truths are revealed about what really happened on Eric's overnight with Alex, Kate realizes that Eric isn't the right man for her at all. Now, if only she could find the man who is…
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