Sunday November 4 8:00 PM / 7:00c
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Road to Christmas

Maggie Baker is the Head Producer of America's favorite televised Christmas Eve tradition: The Julia Wise Christmas Special.  Tasked with producing the show's first live taping, Maggie finds herself working alongside the eldest son of Julia Wise herself: filmmaker Danny Wise. When a last minute change sends the pair across country to film extra segments, Maggie hatches a plan to deliver not only a good show, but all three of Julia's grown sons as a Christmas surprise. As Maggie and Danny make their way from Los Angeles to Vermont, they're forced to navigate through a blizzard that closes airports, musician brother Derek's snowman building contest, veterinarian brother David's puppy party and a stop in Maggie's own hometown. If she can deliver all three Wise men to Julia, it'll be the best Christmas surprise ever - if the show happens at all!
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