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RT @138teacher: #Hearties @hallmarkchannel Maybe the town will build J and E a house on the land he bought last season Sun Mar 26 22:31:20 EDT 2017
RT @LoriLoughlin: Hey #hearties let's show @RealPDeLuise some love for directing tonight's epic episode. @hallmarkchannel ā¤šŸ‘šŸ» Sun Mar 26 22:18:48 EDT 2017
RT @faith_4_grace: @hallmarkchannel @HuttonPascale Looks like Rosemary has a new job title now...wedding planner extraordinaire! Glad she cā€¦ Sun Mar 26 22:16:28 EDT 2017
RT @sparkinginger: @brbird @hallmarkchannel That was the best episode of any tv show I have ever watched! Jack has to return, they owe us aā€¦ Sun Mar 26 22:14:42 EDT 2017