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RT @DewshaneW: I heard We were trending! Thanks for tuning in. We see You and appreciate Your fandom. #OneWinterWeekend @hallmarkchannel Sun Jan 21 19:37:53 EST 2018
RT @ChristySpratlin: 4 WEEKS #HEARTIES!!! Who’s excited? 👋👋👋 Sun Jan 21 19:07:07 EST 2018
@MildredN9 Thanks for sending the love, Mildred! Good news - @JackWagnerhpk and the rest of the #Hearties will be b… Sun Jan 21 19:06:37 EST 2018
RT @RPopBox: Catching the replay of #OneWinterWeekend now on @hallmarkchannel @TaylorCole Sun Jan 21 19:04:09 EST 2018