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  • Original, Romance | TV-PG
    When Ben McCauley e-mails Chloe, the beautiful, “mystery girl” who keeps crossing his path, he sends a message to single mother Charley Anderson by mistake. Ben begins dating Chloe, but she never quite lives up to the e-mail relationship and anonymous friendship he develops with Chloe’s co-worker Charley. Stars Brigid Brannagh, Sean Patrick Flanery, and Michael Clark Duncan.
  • Comedy, Drama, Original, Romance | TV-G
    A fiercely independent single woman is forced to consider marrying her not-so-perfect boyfriend when a gypsy fortuneteller convinces her she must be engaged by the spring or risk a lifetime alone. Stars Stefanie Powers, Rachel Boston and Kirby Morrow.
  • Original, Romance | TV-G
    When former fire fighter Gill Callahan opens up a restaurant, he ruffles the feathers of Sarah Westover, owner of a French restaurant next door, but as the ice melts between them, Sarah helps Gill’s restaurant at the expense of gaining notoriety for herself. Stars Teri Polo and James Patrick Stuart.
  • Holiday, Family, MOW, Drama | TV-G
    The Walton family is set to acquire a new member of the family when eldest son John-Boy prepares to marry the daughter of a U.S. ambassador and have a Valentine's Day wedding. Stars Richard Thomas, Ralph Waite, Michael Learned and Holland Taylor.
  • Family, MOW, Drama | TV-G
    This romantic chapter in the famous, Emmy Award-winning Waltons saga is set directly after World War II and centers around the wedding plans of daughter Erin Walton and Paul Northridge.
  • Romance | TV-G
    When a young woman inherits half of a house, she picks up her life and moves to the country to start fresh. The man that owns the other half of the house wants to sell it, but over time, develops a friendship and possibly more with the woman. That's when her ex-boyfriend comes to win her back. Stars Lacey Chabert, Brennan Elliott and Ed Asner.
  • Drama, Original | TV-G
    Daniel Farrell is a young widowed father who is navigating mourning and parenting Tyler, his adolescent son. Father and son have a great relationship so Tyler can't wait to confide to his dad that he has a crush on a girl in his class. Assuming that his dad is an expert on women, Tyler solicits his dad's help in wooing the girl. While teaching his son the ropes on dating, Daniel discovers he too has many things to figure out about love. Stars William Baldwin and Natalie Brown.
  • Comedy, Romance, Original | TV-G
    Hopeless romantic Samantha thinks she has met the man of her dreams, a famous photographer. They begin communicating online and he invites her to an art show in his hometown, a plane ride away. When she arrives, she discovers that she’s been communicating with his young son who hopes to find a new wife for his father and that her dream guy isn’t interested in a relationship. Stars Erin Krakow, Ryan McPartlin and Patricia Richardson.
  • Original, Romance | TV-G
    A university meteorologist gets a chance to be a TV weather personality, and in the process, falls for her TV producer. Stars Katie Leclerc, Michael Rady, Stacey Dash and Gregory Harrison.
  • Holiday, Family, MOW, Drama | TV-G
    Members of the Walton family return to their home for Thanksgiving seeking renewed strength for life's challenges. A heartwarming story for the entire family. Stars Ralph Waite, Ellen Corby, and Judy Norton.
  • Drama, Romance, Original | TV-G
    A widow takes over the family wedding business, but she encounters an unexpected challenge when a divorce attorney opens his practice next door. Further problems develop when her son begins a romance with the attorney's daughter. Stars Lisa Whelchel and Kim Fields.
  • Holiday, Crime, Family, Comedy | TV-PG
    An eight year-old, who is accidentally left behind while his family flies to France for Christmas, has to defend his home against idiotic burglars.
  • MOW, Original, Romance | TV-G
    Still suffering from the ugly-duckling syndrome, Harold White hires Annie Hayes--a crush from high school--to be his dating coach. All bets are off when sparks fly between "student" and "teacher." Stars Eric Mabius, Brooke D'Orsay and Kathy Najimy.
  • Romance, Comedy | TV-PG
    When movie star Ryan Banks finds his career in trouble, his best friend and manager Todd Doherty comes up with a reality dating show where Ryan will ultimately select one woman to wed. But when the audience's favorite, Charlie Norton falls for Todd, he is torn between his feelings for Charlie and his friendship with Ryan. Stars Bradley Cooper, Jason Priestly and Emma Caufield.
  • Original, Romance, Drama | TV-PG
    A disgruntled uptown dessert chef and a brooding downtown baker team up and win the prestigious Golden Whisk competition and eventually fall in love. Stars Lauren Holly, Costas Mandylor, and Brenda Vaccaro.
  • Romance | TV-G
    When Jennie’s marriage to Ian hits the doldrums after 15 years, Jennie insists he goes on a blind date - with her. By rediscovering each other as “newly-mets,” they get a second chance to fall in love for the first time all over again. Stars Candace Cameron Bure, Ty Olsson and Natasha Calis.
  • Comedy, Romance, Original | TV-G
    Annie Butler finds huge success in her best-selling novel, but when her editor finds out that the very man she gushes about in the non-fiction story does not actually exist, she flips out and gives Annie a week to find him before she hires an actor to play the part. Stars Sarah Lancaster, Kip Pardue and Vivica A. Fox.
  • Original, Romance | TV-G
    Emma, the owner of a quaint, struggling bookstore believes she has met the perfect guy when an unanticipated helping hand saves her store and steals her heart. Stars Leah Renee and Kristopher Turner.
  • Holiday, Original, Romance | TV-G
    A beautiful, young businesswoman inherits her father’s billion-dollar candy company and searches to find romance in the mysterious, handsome “prince” she danced with at a costume ball. Stars Autumn Reeser, Christopher Russell and Richard Burgi.
  • Comedy, Drama, Original, Romance | TV-G
    A young editor moves to Los Angeles for a new start after ending a dead-end relationship and takes on a project with a high-maintenance author. After spending time with a handsome guy that does not fit her ideal, she comes to realize that Mr. Right doesn’t always look good on paper. Stars Lindsay Hartley, Drew Fuller and Morgan Fairchild.
  • Original, Romance | TV-G
    A well-known fashion photographer visits her hometown and reconnects with her former high school sweetheart. The dynamic duo pair up for the first time in years to compete in the town’s centennial art competition, rekindling their artistic inspiration and the romance they left behind. Stars Bree Williamson and Jason Dohring.