Sunday September 30 5:00 PM / 4:00c
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    Love Struck Cafe
    Starring Sarah Jane Morris and Andrew Walker

Love Struck Cafe

MEGAN QUINN is an aspiring architect who is now settling in life, unsatisfied with her low-level customer relations job and competitive, career-driven boyfriend. Her boss approaches her with an opportunity to tackle her own project, the development of her beloved hometown lake into a commercialized entertainment center. But first, she must force MRS. FRANCES FIGGINS, the woman who supported her design dreams since childhood, out of her family's home. As Megan hesitantly accepts the task, her father, MATT, ends up in the hospital with an injured leg. He is unable to work at their family's cafe, and needs Megan's help, which is a convenient reason for her to be home, but an inconvenient distraction from her assignment. She must balance running the cafe, taking care of her father, getting Mrs. Figgins to accept her company's offer, and dealing with the return of the childhood sweetheart who broke her heart, JOE. As Megan and Joe realize they must work together to get in Mrs. Figgins' good graces, Megan rediscovers her passion for design, devises a way to save Sapphire Lake, and is reminded that you can never give up on your dreams or the ones you love.
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