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Today on Home & Family: Marlee Matlin

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Marlee Matlin
At 18 months she lost her hearing but she wouldn't let that stop her and at 21 she became the youngest actress to win the Best Actress Oscar for her film debut "Children of a Lesser God." Today, Mark & Paige welcome the critically acclaimed actress Marlee Matlin. Marlee shares her amazing acting career and the challenges she faced not only as a deaf performer but in making the transition from stage to the big screen. And later, Marlee tells an amazing story of how she met "The Fonz" and about her upcoming sign language app.
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Denise Vivaldo
Bundt pans may seem nostalgic, but they are making a comeback and today's guest is just the person to show us how. In the over twenty years that Denise Vivaldo has been cooking she has prepared meals for presidents, princes, and celebrities. Today, Denise shows Mark & Paige how some easy tricks and treats for easy Halloween cakes.
Check out Denise's recipe for Pumpkin Bundt Cakes now.

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Bollywood dancing has become one of the hottest dance trends, featured on major shows like “So You Think You Can Dance.” Building on her Indian heritage, Yoga and Dance instructor Hemalayaa visits Home & Family to teach Mark & Paige her own unique combination of Yoga and Indian Dance.
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Tracy Metro
She is known as the Ringmaster of the Domestic Circus and her traveling show has been seen on "Home Made Simple," "Designing Spaces," and is the resident "Handy Jane" at bejane.com. The unconventional Tracy Metro stops by to show Mark & Paige how to flip your front porch in 3 easy steps!
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Bryant Kreaden - The Car Shrink
It's October, and that means its time for the debut of the new cars for 2013. Today, Paige and Mark are talking to the "Car Shrink" Bryant Kreaden with the top 5-tips for buying a new car.
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Dr. Karyn Eilber
Today Mark & Paige welcome Cedars-Sinai Associate Director of Urology Residency Program to discuss overactive bladder. For the millions who suffer from Overactive Bladder Dr. Eilber talks about a brand new treatment using botox.

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Sophie Uliano
It’s your biggest organ…that’s right your skin and Sophie Uliano is on Home & Family to demonstrate how to make simple organic exfoliators. From daily scrubs for exfoliating or treating sun damage, Sophie’s tips will save you money and keep your skin soft and healthy.

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