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Today on Home & Family Friday, October 11th, 2013

Ann Romney
Since leaving the campaign trail, Ann Romney is making a name for herself as a national bestselling author for " The Romney Family Table." She tells Mark and Cristina how her family's traditions inspired the recipes and stories inside. When the large Romney clan gathers around the dinner table, they discuss a wide range of topics and all the adults spin a "chore wheel" to get assigned cooking and clean-up duties. Mrs. Romney also talks about how her husband's Presidential run impacted the entire family. Later, she heads into the kitchen to share her recipe for haddock with tomatoes and feta cheese.

Get Ann Romney's recipe here>>

"The Romney Family Table" is available at amazon.com.

Orly Shani

Don't sweat it if you don't know what to do with old sweaters you're no longer wearing. Fashion designer Orly Shani is here with five ways to reinvent an old sweater. Get out your scissors and sewing machine to dissect and reconstruct sweaters into a scarf, tote bag, boot cuff/leg warmers, fingerless gloves, and a stylish, warm winter hat.

How to Make a Slouchy Beanie:
1. Lay beanie on sweater and trace around the middle (where buttons are).
2. Sew the two pieces together. 3. It is that easy! Takes about 3 minutes. For more from Orly, go to www.tucandwes.com and follow her on Twitter at @orlyshani.

Cookbook Roundtable
Authors Cristina, Debbie Matenopoulos, and Ann Romney share insight into how to write a cookbook. From taste testing to photography to proofreading to publishing, they explain all the essential ingredients to getting a cookbook onto store shelves. The ladies talk about the importance of having a brief story attached to each recipe to better connect with the audience. Then, "MasterChef Junior" contestants Troy and Dara join the conversation to ask the women for advice on organizing a cookbook and choosing a theme.
Learn how to pen a cookbook>>

Cookbook Tips:
1. Delicious looking photos are a must.
2. Test recipes repeatedly and proofread. The "Cook'n Recipe Organizer" is available for download at www.dvo.com.

To purchase Cristina's cookbook, "Big Bowl of Love," go to cristinaferrarecooks.com. Debbie's cookbook, "It's All Greek to Me," will be released on April 29, 2014, but is already available for pre-order at amazon.com.

Teacup Winter Bird Feeders with Ken Wingard
Ken Wingard is giving you something to chirp about with adorable teacup winter bird feeders. For a mere $3, your feathered friends will be flocking to this affordable and simple craft. Ken suggests using old, mismatched or thrift shop tablewear to create a vintage feel. All the other materials can be found at home and garden centers.

Come in for a landing for all the instructions>>

Visit Ken Wingard at KennethWingard.com and follow him on Twitter @KennethWingard.

MasterChef Junior

" MasterChef Junior" cheftestants Troy and Dara are a force to be reckoned with in the kitchen. Dara shows us how to make cream puffs, while Troy is hard at work in the test kitchen cooking up fetuccini with ahi tuna. They also tell us how they discovered their passion for cooking at such a young age and talk about their mentors.

Troy and Dara's recipes can be found here>>

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Tanya Memme's Starry Night Lampshade
Twinkle, twinkle little star! Lifestyle expert Tanya Memme is in a New York state of mind with this starry night lampshade that will illuminate your room with the beautiful Manhattan skyline.

Take a bite out of the Big Apple with these instructions>>

Tweet lifestyle expert Tanya Memme @Tanya_Memme. Also, visit her on Facebook and check out TanyaMemme.com.

The Carey Bros.

The Carey Bros., Mark, and Cristina get out their sledgehammers to completely demolish the "Home & Family" bathroom. The contracter duo also explains the proper way to remove sinks, counters, the commode, and floor tiles. The Carey Bros. will be back next week to continue with the bathroom makeover. Stay tuned for details on how you can win your own custom Carey Bros. bathroom renovation.

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