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Today on Home & Family: David Arquette

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Today on "Home & Family," Paige and Mark welcome superstar David Arquette who gives an update on his upcoming movie "Orion," and gives us his own take on being a single dad. Plus, David tells us how a group of tourists ended up in his living room and shows one his secret hidden talents!

The show's opening flash mob was performed & choreographed by . Later, fitness expert Jackie Warner take Mark & Paige through a high-impact workout you can do in your living room. And, if you think you don’t have time to make the gym, Jackie shows us a brand new website where everything from your trainer to your meals all revolve around you! To start your personalized workout, visit . For more on Jackie Warner’s workout, visit .

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The "Home & Family" team gets to renovating with interior designer Kristan Cunningham, who helps get Paige & Mark started on their kitchen remodel. Kristan walks us through some of the hottest trends in countertops and gives the crew their first DIY project!

Plus, Paige gets made up with the hottest new trend in Halloween lip art.

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Paige also warms up the kitchen by teaching us the secret to her grandmother's Matzo Ball soup.

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