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Today on Home & Family: Alan Tudyk

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Alan Tudyk
From the hit movie "Wreck-It Ralph, the hilarious Alan Tudyk joins the family today! Alan, the voice of King Candy, talks about working on the animated arcade adventure, and the laughs fly when Alan shows how he creates his cartoon voices. Plus, Alan brought along a spicy clip from his hit comedy, "Suburgatory."
WATCH Alan Tudyk, from Wreck-It Ralph, teach Mark and Cristina how he creates cartoon voices>>

Catch up with Alan Tudyk on twitter at: @alan_tudy.

"Wreck-It Ralph" is available for digital download, will be available on Blu-Ray and DVD March 5!

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You can see Alan in his hit comedy Suburgatory on Wednesday Nights at 9:30/8:30c on ABC.

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Cristina Cooks
It's never to early to start celebrating St. Patrick's Day! And to prove that point, today Cristina shares her recipe for St. Patrick's Day quesadillas! Cristina's quesadillas are hot and spicy, plus Cristina's extra green ingredients make this a must have for St. Patrick's Day. And Chef Hayley advises that you make this recipe in advance and "watch the flavors bloom"!
Get Cristina's St. Patrick's Day Quesadilla recipe here>>

Get more great recipes from Cristina at: www.cristinaferrarecooks.com.

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Implanted Contact Lenses
Paul Dougherty, M.D. is an internationally renowned eye surgeon and pioneer of many of today's most popular vision correction techniques, including the revolutionary LASIK procedure. Today, Dr. Dougherty joins the family to discuss the next generation of visual corrective surgery, Implantable Contact Lenses (ICL). The ICL procedure is significantly safer than traditional contact lenses and can be extremely effective for patients whom LASIK is not an option. Later in the show, ICL patient Angie Motts joins the conversation to discuss the procedure and the life-changing results.

VIEW more information about Implantable Contact Lenses (ICL) here>>

Visit Dr. Dougherty online and learn more about LASIK and ICL at: www.doughertylaservision.com.

Get Dr. Dougherty's book on Amazon: See for Yourself: The Eye-Opening Guide to Permanent Vision Correction by Dr. Paul Dougherty.

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Brooke Peterson
Lifestyle expert Brooke Peterson is helping get ready for the Home & Family Baby Shower this Thursday by making Thumbprint Guest Cards. Instead of a traditional guest book, our guests will use their fingerprints to creative a unique art piece for our Home & Family mommies to be. Brooke also has some helpful tips so you can create a Thumbprint Guest Card at your next special event.

Get more great craft tips from Brooke Peterson at: www.msbrookepeterson.com.

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Jeanette Pavini
Over the next year consumers may see up to a 4% increase in the cost of food. And in an already tough economy, it's important to make every dollar count. That's why we invited consumer saving expert Jeanette Pavini to show how you can get more savings at the grocery store! Today Jeanette offers some top tips on combining coupons, loyalty programs, and coupon apps that can help organize your grocery list and maximize your savings! Plus, Jeanette shows how you can feed your family for 5$!
Get Jeanette Pavini's grocery savings tips and 10-Day Meal plan here>>

Get more great savings at www.coupons.com.

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Rick Schwartz
From the wild and exotic to the down right creepy, Rick Schwartz brings some of nature's most amazing creatures into the family room. Today we had lizards in the living room and toads on the carpets as Rick unleashed his collection of Australian animals. Today Rick brings a host of animals from 'down under,' including a beautiful Cockatoo, an extremly rare Slow Loris, plus an adorable baby kangaroo that's still nursing in its mother's pouch!
WATCH Rick Schwartz reveal his collection of Australian Animals>>

Learn more about Rick Schwartz and his amazing animals at: www.sandiegozoo.org.