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Shirley Bovshow's DIY Cell Phone Charging Station

Shirley Bovshow's DIY Cell Phone Charging Station
Materials Needed:
  • An old or inexpensive medicine cabinet
  • Red paint
  • A drill
  • A craft plaque
  • A glue gun
  • Letter (phone)
  • Hooks
  • A multiple usb port


  1. Take an old medicine cabinet, and drill a hole through the bottom and through the shelves to make way for our usb port.
  2. Paint it red.
  3. To give it an extra touch, i bought these materials from michaels and made this top piece for design!
  4. a. I painted the craft plaque and the letters (p-h-o-n-e), and glued them on top!

  5. Feed the usb chords up, and put the shelf in place.
  6. Now plug in your phone!

Shirley Bovshow's DIY Cellphone Charging Station

Shirley Bovshow builds a retro phone booth cell phone charging station.

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