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DIY Hip Packs

A fashionable DIY from Orly Shani.
DIY Hip Packs
  • Soft purse or clutch
  • Scissors
  • Hot glue
  • Piece of fabric

Option 1

1. Simply cut two vertical slits on the backside of your bag.
2. The width of the slits should match your belt.
3. Loop the belt through the slit, into the bag and back out of the second slit. Done!

Option 2

1. Cut a piece of fabric that will fit just about the length of your bag and the width of your belt (approx 3" wide, and 7" long)
2. Then hot glue the top and bottom and glue it to the backside of your bag.
3. This will act as a sleeve for your belt to loop through. Done!

DIY Hip Pack - Home & Family

Orly Shani keeps you in fashion without breaking the bank with this DIY hip pack!

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