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DIY Chromatography Bags

Orly Shani is showing you how take white canvas tote bags and turn them into fashionable works of art.
DIY Chromatography Bags
  • Miniature White Canvas Tote BagsĀ These can be found at Michaels and Jo-Ann Fabric as well.
  • Black Water Based Markers
  • Rubbing Alcohol
  • Eye Droppers
  • Small cup
  • Tray or plate

DIY Monochromatic Bags - Home & Family

Inspired by Dan Kohler's science, Orly Shani makes her own monochromatic bags.


1) Using a black marker ask your child to draw a picture or design on their blank bag. Designs that alternate a thick coat of black marker and white space in between will show the most obvious results

2) Place the bag on a plate.

3) Give your child an eyedropper and a small cup of rubbing alcohol and ask them to start dropping the liquid on the drawing. Get that bag really soaked!

4) Some color will begin separating immediately. Allow the bags to dry over the course of several hours or overnight. The color will continue to separate.

5) Check on the color! The black should have separated into other colors. We had a lot of blue show up and a hint of brown/red.

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