The Storm

At the café, Stephanie goes to lock up but slips and her phone goes flying. She seems to have injured her back and can’t get up. As she is lying there Abigail returns to the café—just in time to save Stephanie.

Sam stops by Grey House as Ryan is on his way out. Even though Cassie is not happy about it, Ryan is intent on driving down to Blairsville. He kisses her on the cheek as he leaves and Sam is apologetic for interrupting them. Sam asks how Eve is doing, but Cassie wants to know if Brian came to visit him today – he did not.

When the librarian has to leave in a hurry to get her child, she leaves Nick, Anthony and Grace at the library to wait for Brandon to pick them up.  Cassie is overcome by sudden worry about Brandon. Across town, Brandon has an accident in a snowbank and is stranded in the snow.  He tries to report in but no one at the police station replies.

Eve calls out in a panic for Cassie – something is very wrong with Brian.  Sam and Cassie head up to the bedroom where Brian is having severe abdominal pain. They need to get him to the hospital, and time is of the essence.

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