Surprise Me

At Sam's office, Grace is coming into her own and even beginning to surpass Eve. Not only is she smart and talented, she also has a harder work ethic and is closer to Sam. He even takes her out for an early lunch, hoping to get her help with planning his date with Cassie. Despite all her efforts to break through with Dr. Radford, Eve can only sit back and watch Grace assume the role she wants.

Early the next morning, as Cassie opens the shop, John arrives with Abigail in tow. John convinced her to run the shop so Cassie will go zip lining with him. Cassie begrudgingly accepts the invitation and heads off with John. Later, Cassie and John arrive back at the shop, and Cassie is exhilarated. Hoping to capitalize on her feelings, John asks her to go to dinner with him. Unfortunately for John, Cassie already has a date with Sam. John nods and promises that next time he’ll get his invitation in early.

Later in the day, fresh off passing her driving test, Grace drives with Sam into the driveway at Sam’s house. Grace runs next door to tell her mom and Nick approaches his dad with his own exciting news. Nick’s finally found an extracurricular activity that he’s passionate about. Nick’s decided that for the coming semester, he’s going to study abroad in London. Sam is taken back and stutters for words. As Nick excitedly talks about the trip, Sam looks on stunned and unsure what to do next.

In town at the bistro, Andrew stops in for a celebratory meal. He’s just won the final motion for his client and his business trip is about to be done. As he and Stephanie talk, Ben walks in to get a cup of coffee. He looks on as Stephanie sits down and at the table to talk more with Andrew. Looking at Stephanie's smiling and laughing, Ben simply shrugs and walks away.

The next day, Sam and Cassie arrive at a nearby farm for their surprise date. With a little help from Grace, Sam’s gathered everything he and Cassie will need for an afternoon horse ride. Cassie had no idea Sam rode horses and Sam explains that he learned to ride during the summers he spent on his uncle's cattle ranch. The scenery is beautiful but she’s also nervous and she tells Sam she hasn’t ridden for years. Sam smiles at her and tells her not to worry—he’ll be there for her.

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