Not Getting Married Today, Part 2 Episode Recap

Joanne is saying her goodbyes to Sam before taking off for the airport. He presents her with a gift he found in Olympia’s bookstore. She is pleasantly surprised that it is not a medical book, but instead one of her favorite books from high school, “Walden,” by Henry David Thoreau. She points out that she loves it so much because it is about letting life just happen. The two share in a tearful goodbye and she leaves.

Martha finds out that no one officially canceled the horse and carriage, and they are waiting outside. Instead of letting a good horse ride go to waste, Sam says he and Cassie will take a ride in the carriage. They end up at Hudson’s Mill and start talking about the future. Sam starts talking beyond the future, and wants to start talking about forever. He gets on one knee and proposes to Cassie. She responds with an astounded yes and the two share a passionate kiss.

They head back to Grey House, where Nick and Grace are arguing loudly. Before Cassie and Sam can share their good news, Grace and Nick storm out in opposite directions. Sam says that despite their kids fighting, he still has absolutely no second thoughts. That said, it is time to buy a ring for Cassie. She smiles and says she has been keeping her left ring finger free for Sam.

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