All in the Family

Before Cassie heads out for the evening, Lori offers to pick up Grace from the Bistro cafe at 10:00 and Cassie is grateful.  After telling Anthony she has other plans, Grace leaves the café and later appears outside of a coffee house. Alone and out after dark, she searches for Abigail to no avail.

Ryan and Cassie enjoy dinner together. They talk about the future of Keating House, and Cassie wants to know if Ryan thinks new development is the best option.  He says it is all about the money; it’s just business. Cassie disagrees. Sam shows up very late at the restaurant to find Stephanie is long gone, so he shares dessert with Ryan and Cassie.

Later, Lori goes to pick up Grace and Anthony tells her that she doesn’t know where Grace has gone. Grace is still waiting outside in the rain, but finally enters the coffee house alone. A surprised Nick sees her, and tells her she should go home, that this is not her crowd.  Grace is defiant and holds her ground.

Ryan drops Cassie at home, and Cassie immediately senses something is wrong. Lori worriedly relays to Cassie that she can’t find Grace, and her phone goes right to voicemail.

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