Saturday October 20 10:00 AM / 9:00c
    Video from Falling for Vermont
    Starring Julie Gonzalo and Benjamin Ayres

Falling for Vermont

Angela Young is a best-selling author living in Boston who decides to escape the media and the frenzy surrounding her book launch by heading to a small town. When she's caught in a thunderstorm and loses control of her car, she is found wandering down the road in idyllic, Hopedale, Vermont without her belongings or any memory of who she is. Enter Jeff Callan, the local doctor and a single dad who treats her and allows her to stay in his guest house. As Angela waits for her memory to return, she begins spending time with Jeff and his kids, Elise and Alex. When her memory returns, she must decide if the life she's been living is the life she wants. Stars Julie Gonzalo and Benjamin Ayres.
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