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    Starring Danielle Panabaker and Matt Long

Christmas Joy

...Joy Holbrook might be all work and no play, but that changes when her Aunt Ruby, the woman who raised her, takes a fall that lands her in a rehabilitation center before the holidays. Joy takes a leave of absence from her job as a market researcher to return home to Crystal Falls for the first time in years, even though the timing may hinder her chance at garnering the promotion of her dreams. Ben Andrews isn't your average hospital administrator, he also happens to be the handiest man in Crystal Falls. He's helped his elderly neighbor, Ruby Johnson, with the town's beloved annual Cookie Crawl—and win—the last several years. While Ruby is on the mend, Joy partners with Ben, agreeing to judge his Gingerbread contest in exchange for his help to defend Ruby's Cookie Crawl honor. Quieting the hustle and bustle of Christmas in the big city, Joy's time in Crystal Falls helps her open her heart to the true magic of the season and shows her that what she's wanted all along was waiting for her back home.
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