Saturday November 11 8:00pm / 7:00c
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Christmas in Love

ELLIE HARTMAN works in HR at Carlingson Bakery, original home of the famous "Kringle" Christmas pastry. She likes her job, surrounded by her father and all the townspeople who are the heart of the bakery, but dreams of pursuing her artistic talents. In San Francisco, NICK CARLINGSON, is soon to become the new CEO of Carlingson Bakery. Nick has plans to further automate the company, making it more efficient. But, before his father hands over the reins of the family business, he needs Nick to see the people behind the product. He sends Nick to spend Christmas in the place where it all started, the bakery floor of their flagship location. Reluctantly, undercover-boss Nick learns the ropes from Ellie. She is skeptical of another suit coming to town, but her father, bakery manager, RICHARD, invites him to join in their family Christmas traditions. When Ellie's ex, Carl, offers her the opportunity to sell her beautiful wreaths at the Christmas Festival, Nick supports her in making a business plan that will take her hobby into a successful artistic career possibility. While Nick realizes that it is the devoted employees that make his family empire successful, and Ellie is succeeding in her artistic dreams, they fall for each other. However, when Ellie gifts Nick with her passion project, she sees his business plan to automate the bakery, cutting employees, defying the previous company standards, and listing Nick as the new CEO. Betrayed and heartbroken, Ellie shares the news with the town, just as Nick's father shows up to see if his son has changed his ways. Nick announces that while he hid who he truly was, he now understands the true spirit of the company, which he vows to embrace and expand upon, not shut down. Nick's father and Ellie are pleased. After making amends with Nick, Ellie decides to take the leap and begin a new career, with the support of the man she has fallen in love with: the new CEO of the company that means so much to her.
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