Saturday November 17 8:00 PM / 7:00c
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    Premieres SATURDAY NOVEMBER 17 8pm/7c
    Starring Kellie Pickler and Wes Brown

Christmas at Graceland

"A working Chicago mom, LAUREL, brings her kids with her on a business trip to Memphis, so they can all visit iconic Graceland during the week before Christmas (when Elvis's home is transformed into a holiday wonderland). But she is thrown for a loop when she bumps into old flame CLAY from her days as a singer in college. Once a songwriter, Clay is now a successful music producer booking acts for Graceland's upcoming Christmas Show, and the kids are floored to learn about mom's singing days (she even had one hit single) before life took a different direction and she put her dreams aside. Inspired by Graceland and curious about the path not taken, she agrees to take a shot at auditioning for Graceland's iconic concert—but it will take persistence, and some unorthodox training to get her act in shape, all as she juggles her day job and her own doubts. But ultimately Clay & the kids encourage her to rediscover her passion, just as Laurel helps Clay explore songwriting again, with all coming together in Graceland's Annual Christmas celebration, a real musical event. "
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