Deals Undone

Sometime later, the entire O’Brien family arrives for a day of fun at Paradise Mini-Golf. Even Wes is on hand to make sure his daughters have the chance to spend time with both of their parents. While playing through, Connor takes the opportunity to grill Wes about the insider trading investigation. Wes is hesitant to talk about the investigation with the young and unlicensed lawyer, but Connor is persistent. Despite his lack of experience, Connor is certain that he can keep Wes and Abby out of jail if Wes is willing to roll on the mastermind of the entire operation, his ex-girlfriend Gabrielle. Wes is hesitant at first but both Connor and Abby agree that testifying against Gabrielle is the only way Wes can save himself. Hoping to save time, Connor invited the investigator from the DOJ to join them at the mini-golf course so they can discuss a plea deal. Neither Wes nor Abby knew about Connor’s plan and they are both furious, but Connor promises them both that he can handle everything.

On the other side of the mini-golf park Jess and Bree talk about their love lives. Bree is still devastated over her breakup with Martin and reveals that at one point, she expected that he was going to ask her to marry him. As they talk David arrives, late from the lunch rush at Sally’s. He runs off to grab a drink at the concession stand and while he does, Bree offers to leave and give the two some privacy. Jess asks her sister to stay and confides in her that while she likes David, she’s not sure they really have much in common.

Back in town at the Chesapeake Shores bank, Trace arrives at his father’s office. Trace sits down and Lawrence finishes his work, closes the door then looks at Trace and tells him that he’s got his loan. Lawrence then tells Trace that he and his mother are putting up the money. Trace angrily tells his father not to do him any favors and that he doesn’t need a handout. Lawrence is confused as to why Trace would refuse to take the money he’s so generously offered but for Trace, this is an issue of respect. As Trace sees it, no matter what he does, his father will never respect him. Trace tells him that he doesn’t want the money because doesn’t want his father to control him like he does his mother. The next thing Trace knows Lawrence has grabbed him by the t-shirt and is slamming him into the wall. As Trace struggles to break free his father’s breathing suddenly becomes labored. Trace asks if he’s okay and tells him to sit down. Lawrence angrily shouts that he’s fine and tells Trace to just leave.