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Set Reminder
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TOMORROW! Is that Brennan Elliott playing the accordion? And why is Sophie Uliano pointing at him like that?... http://t.co/hH2SGMS5cU Aug 27 8:00 PM
Is Will simply giving Paul's sister Liz a friendly tour of #CedarCove or is it more than that? You'll have to... http://t.co/HRu9Qaed1a Aug 27 10:00 AM
Now THIS is a happy couple! What do you think Bob & Peggy are smiling about? #CedarCove http://t.co/v4UJpJrGE1 Aug 26 10:00 AM
Looks like there's trouble at the Courier. Find out what has Jack so upset in this week's all-new episode of... http://t.co/sg81GHZhls Aug 25 8:00 PM