Sunday October 28 7:00 AM / 6:00c

Baby's First Christmas

Jenna and Kyle are colleagues at a prestigious law firm in LA are polar opposites. Jenna leaves the firm to join an environmental law group in San Francisco. They are relieved to be out of each other's lives until their siblings fall in love and get married. When they are on their way to the birth of their nephew in New York, they both get stranded in Chicago. They decide to rent a car and drive to New York together. Through this process there is a romantic spark. When Trisha goes into labor, Kyle and Jenna discover their siblings are about to default on their home loan. Jenna decides to try to negotiate with the bank to delay foreclosure. As she is turned down, she discovers Kyle's law firm represents the bank that is foreclosing on the loan. Kyle needs a Christmas miracle to right all wrongs. Stars Casper Van Dien and Rachel Wilson.
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