You Need Help
Bob tracks Luke down at the docks and offers him some heartfelt advice on dealing with his probl ...
Luke Makes his Court A ...
After his brutal assault, Luke makes his first appearance in court before presiding judge Olivia ...
I Hate When You Know m ...
Grace looks for advice from her best friend after Cliff offers her his vacant cabin.
Olivia faces off again ...
Olivia plays her trump card and puts Dan on the defensive.
Back from War
After agreeing to take in Luke, Bob and Peggy chat about how they can help him heal his war scars.
Court is Adjourned
On his way out of court, Grace's ex-husband Dan has a one-on-one chat with Cliff.
Grace confronts her ex-husband over their divorce settlement and the results are not what she ha ...
Meeting Luke
While at the base with Cecilia, Justine meets Luke, a newly retired Navy Seal.
You Will Always be Her Pop
Jack opens up to Olivia after learning that Shelly and his granddaughter are leaving Cedar Cove.
Cliff Gives Grace a Pe ...
Sensing that she may be backing down, Cliff gives Grace a much needed pep talk.
The Cedar Cove Bike Br ...
Andie MacDowell takes the Cedar Cove Bike Brigade through the streets of New York!
Felines Go for the Tou ...
Troy Paw-lamalau of the Home & Family Felines goes in for the kill against the Cougars!
Fluffing the Passer
Ferrell Owens gets called for a penalty against an unsuspecting Tabby Romo during the Kitten Bowl.
Last Hope Touchdown
Tabby Romo takes advantage of a distracted Bengal defense and puts some points on the board.
Romo Gets Benched
After one of his teammates gets hit with a penalty, Tabby Romo goes after the ref.
Opening Kickoff
Ferrell Owens takes the opening kickoff for the Bengals during the Kitten Bowl.
Fear of Public Speaking
Rose panics when she discovers she'll have to speak at her dead Aunt Gretchen's funeral.
New House
Almanzo and Laura share a touching moment.
Mary & Pa
Mary and Pa have a serious discussion about Mary's independence.
Boxing Match
Nels Oleson has second thoughts about getting in the ring.
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